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What Is Sunless Tanning - Free Sunless Tanning!

Don't want to expose your skin to the sun's damaging rays, but don't want to miss out on that sun-kissed glow? Consider striking a compromise with sunless tanning products. Start by understanding how sunless tanning products work and the importance of applying them correctly and carefully.

How Do Sunless Tanning Products Work?

Sunless tanning products, also called self-tanners, can give your skin a tanned look without exposing it to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Sunless tanning products are commonly sold as creams, gels, lotions and sprays you apply to your skin. Professional spray-on tanning also is available at many salons, spas and tanning businesses.

Richard L., Burbank, CA
I've been using self Tanners since QT, so I've tried cheap, expensive, spray, foam, lotion, gel, etc. This product had pretty good reviews, so I bought 3 cans of it. It's not cheap, but not expensive, either. I don't want to use anything that I can't afford to keep using. I'm pretty happy with this product so far. I'm loving the color so far - more of a reddish brown, definitely NOT orange. (I'm shocked about a couple of the reviews saying this was orange. It's not even close - and I've used QT and Neutrogena, so I know all about orange!) This spray DOES give an instant color it's called a guide --- it's important that you have it with sprays. If you don't, you'll get dark patches, light patches and what not.

  Denise G., Miami, FL
I had never used a tanning product before, but I found this one easy to use and very forgiving of oversprays. Simply spread it with your hand (gloves are probably a good idea, but I found it washes off just fine as long as you use soap right away). Color is natural, no streaks and it dries quickly.

Markus W, Buffalo, NY.
I have very fair/porcelain skin and have tried a few other products. Reguardless of what they say, they have always had some kind of an orange tint on my skin. I bought this product not expecting much but am pleasantly surprised! I love the spray and it gives an amazing deep tan color. The smell is a bit strong, but not bad. I would recommend this product to everyone!
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